Our history


During the World War II, which form two opposing military alliances as the Allies and the Axis. Japan had been attended this war at that time and aimed to dominate Asia, attacked the United States and European possessions in the Pacific Ocean. All quality building materials such as teakwood, steel and galvanized iron were requested in order to build Japanese military warehouse that located in Bangkok.


Baan Noppawong
Baan Noppawong


Baan Noppawong was built for M.L. Ditsaphong Noppawong and Mrs. Salee Noppawong Na Ayudhaya since 1945, the reign of King Prajadhipok (RamaVII), by using high-quality teakwood as well as to build Japanese military warehouse. The most of structures were made from teakwood combining with wood stencil in original colonial style. Some special details such as teak doors and windows were carefully made by Shang-hai craftsman.


Baan Noppawong Hotel                  Baan Noppawong Hotel


When the time passes, this house becomes a valuable heritage of their children. Presently, Thai cultural preservation trend is in focused which it has similar idea with the owner of this house, Mrs. Sipapa Noppawong Na Ayudhaya as a daughter. Therefore, his precious wooden house has to be revitalized to maintain glorious Thai culture and architecture and to express authentic Thai identity to the traveler. All furniture and furnishings of the house are valuable antiques from 19th century owner collection which have been repaired and refurbished for using in hotel decoration.




Due to the nephew, Mr. Kantasom Noppawong Na Ayudhaya has redesigned this house by focusing on original house characteristic as well as the authentic of living space both in interior and exterior. For example teak flooring, teak doors and windows are well preserved as it was in the past. Wide-screen light channel had been added with light clear glass for air-conditioned, overlapping-scales rubber wood walls were converted into the ceiling and reorganizing some part to create double volume space as the lobby.


Baan Noppawong offers only 7 rooms in exclusively colonial wooden house with the highest level of personalized service. The house had been made more convenient by adding private en-suite bathroom, along with standard room facilities.

Each room was specially designed follow Thailand's nine precious stones concept (Manee-Noppakao) to make living experience more unique. In order to encourage authentic of classical living, Baan Noppawong has deeply desired to use valuable antique furniture in every room's decorations. At the back area still has refreshment space on wooden terrace provided for our guests which they can perceive beautiful landscape during the afternoon tea.



Baan Noppawong